What In The World?

Raised Consciousness

The purpose of thinking – or magician – energy in my life is to bring me guidance through the detachment and perspective of raised consciousness. The job of the Magician is to raise or change my consciousness and my awareness, to help me see myself and my patterns, and the true nature of the world.

The magician cuts through illusion, and so understands our true nature, and the nature of the world and so brings reality, so we can be real, about ourselves and the world.

Magician energy is all about seeing, about seeing ourself, about self awareness. As magician we watch ourself, trying to be aware, tapping into universal consciousness and universal wisdom. The magician taps into the psychic, trusting our insights and intuition.
The meeting of eyes, “so through the eyes love attains the heart: / for the eyes are the scouts of the heart”.

The mind is the magician’s tool. In some ways it is incredibly complex, but its also quite simple, as the mind thinks in patterns. It is believed that our thinking process is 90% visual. We think in images in our conscious mind, and the image we have of the world is taken as our picture of reality, even if it’s an illusion.

The image we hold is like a stained glass window we look through when we look at the world, so our consciousness shines through this window vision shaping what we see. The image we have is thus projected outward onto the world and will distort our perceptions if the image is false.

Clearing the third eye of illusion is a hugely important part of our magician work in this chakra, and once it is clear we will be able to see the truth of ourselves and the world.

The third eye, and the mind, are also the place where we hold the images in our memory. With our memory, and with magician perspective we see where we have been, where we are now, and where we aim to go. The magician informs us with the vision which makes our actions meaningful and purposeful.

The magician, using his mind, assembles information to reveal patterns. Recognising the pattern he reveals the meaning of the pattern, he connects the dots until a meaningful pattern emerges.

Then, using self-reflection and self-knowledge, he takes the information from the past and assesses its meaning for the present, and for the future. His insights give him the ability to see within, and also to see how the pattern relates to the larger picture. Each time he recognises a pattern within the self he integrates it and moves more towards wholeness, seeing the bigger picture and transcending his

egocentricity. Developing inner sight he shatters his illusions, develops clarity and depth, and moves to a broad vision of his Self.
An illusion is a static, frozen image, and it prevents open minded perception.

An illusion is how I think something should be, rather than how it actually is, a fixated image. I hold it in place with concentrated energy, looking out all the time for anything that will confirm it. As a hypochondriac my slightest ache is proof of my illness. I am invested in and attached to my illusion, and when I invest a great deal of energy in it I am in danger of becoming obsessed with it.

An illusion does not feed back the energy I invest in it, so it doesn’t bring completion or satisfaction, despite continuing to lure me with its false promise. An illusion of “happily ever after” will prevent me from seeing the reality of my marriage as I try to force the marriage to conform with the illusion. I am imposing a past pattern that I am identified with on the present situation, whether it fits or not.

My illusion is fed by excess in this chakra, fed with a great energy but no movement, like a car whose engine is accelerated without the clutch being engaged. The more energy we give it the harder it is to disengage from it. When we identify a pattern and so see a particular manifestation, we have entered the world of archetypes. An archetype has concentrated psychic energy and power, and the symbol is the means by which it manifests.