A natural reflux remedy — Heartburn No More

Heartburn No More is a revolutionary program written by a chap called Jeff Martin who used to experience severe stomach pains from acid reflux and excess acid production in its stomach.

His experience with seeking out a cure that did not rely on the medical establishment has been recorded in his program Heartburn No More, which features DVDs, MP3s, downloadable e-book, and a number of bonuses available free of charge, all of which are designed to ensure that you experience minimal problems from acid reflux in the future.

So how does it work? Well, it is a natural reflux home remedy – that is, one born of a holistic approach to excess stomach acid.

Well, first of all, the critical factor is taking responsibility for your own health, which is not something that many of us do, when you think about it!

We all tend to go to the doctor first and foremost to get a prescription medication which will solve all our problems in one fell swoop.

Yet the truth of the matter, is that there are always side-effects, and always disadvantages to this approach — so, for example when you go and get a prescription for anything like hydrogen blockers, or Prilosec, which is a proton pump inhibitor, you find that there are side-effects.

And in the case of the proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, the side-effects can be potentially quite serious — those recorded effect so far include bone demineralization, susceptibility to Clostridium difficile, and there are some suggestions of more serious issues like kidney problems.

Now I don’t worry you, because I’m sure that if you have excess stomach acid that is burning a hole in the mucosa of your stomach, the first thing you want is an immediate solution — but nonetheless, once you’ve got an immediate solution, the question is whether or not you will turn your attention to a longer-term solution will eliminate the root cause.

Now that raises the question of what the root cause of acid reflux might actually be — and in the case of excess acid production, I think we can fairly and squarely lay the blame at the door of stress.

Stress is an interesting problem because we seem to be so tolerant of it, and yet it’s so destructive to our well-being at every level — spiritual, emotional, and physical.

My observation, both from personal experience of watching others with acid reflux problems, tends to suggest that the cause of acid reflux is often conflict or anxiety. I suppose if you call this stress, then you probably going on the mark: would you be prepared to take the time to eliminate stress that is causing acid reflux from your life, in order that you can experience a more holistic and acceptable level of health?

If so, then Jeff Martin’s book Heartburn No More is probably the better prescription for you (that is to say, the better prescription compared to Prilosec and Losec).

Video – EFT for Acid Reflux

Now, what Heartburn No More will require you to do is to examine those aspects of your life that are causing you stress, and take remedial action — which might imply a meditation and relaxation session of the day, or it might imply some more fundamental remedial action such as counselling or therapy to come to terms with those things that are causing you fundamental emotional conflicts and problems.

These are some times challenging and difficult situations to deal with, but compared to a lifetime on medication, I wonder which you would actually prefer?

There are no right or wrong answers that question, because we are all different, but what I would urge you to consider is the fact that when your body is protesting, by producing excessive stomach acid, and then causing acid reflux, that may be a signal to you that something needs attention.

If you take medication, rather than holistic health care, what you’re effectively doing is covering up the signal that your body is giving you, asking you to take remedial action to put something right that could have long-term deleterious effects.



Capture His Heart

Capture his heart and make him love you forever is a phenomenal program that allows women To find the man they really want to be with, establish a successful relationship, and maintain that relationship into the future.

The essence of this program, which is available online, is to teach women something about male psychology that will enable them to make a man think that the woman he has met is most desirable woman in the world, who understands better than anybody else does.

When you know that the one thing that matters most men in relationship is that the woman they are with understands and respects them, you can see the potential power of this program.

Now I don’t want to make the broad sweeping statement that all you need to have a successful relationship is an Internet program of relationship dating advice, but I’m going to make the prediction that Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever Is going to be the best selling Internet program of all time!

At a heck of a claim to make, but it’s entirely borne out by the fact that the advice and information in capture his heart and make him love you forever is just about as sound and reliable as you can find anywhere, from either a therapist or counselor.

So, if you’re a woman looking to conquer a man’s heart, my strong recommendation is that you have a look at this program. The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing in life that is absolutely perfect, but if you know how to establish relationship on the basis of skilful emotional communication, enhanced intimacy, and good conflict resolution, then you’re almost certainly going to have a better chance of sustaining that relationship than you would if you didn’t get this information.

The other interesting thing that I want to bring to your attention about relationships in general and making a man fall in love with you in particular is the fact that studies have demonstrated beyond doubt that relationships which are based on slow and gradual buildup of intimacy and connection are much more likely to succeed than relationships which are based on a one night stand, or a sudden or unexpected meeting.

In other words, the truth matter is that getting to know somebody gradually is a better way of getting to know who they are, and allowing yourself fall slowly and love, then any kind of hectic head over heels relationship which you might have experienced in the past.

bodiesSo a lot of material here to think about, and certainly a lot of material which is likely to be controversial: because essentially the premise of capture his heart is that you can conquer somebody’s romantic interest by fulfilling certain stereotypical patterns of behavior — and since we’ve all been searching for a way to escape from is sexual stereotypes for a long period now this seems slightly perverse, to say the least!

All I can suggest is that you have a look at this program and see whether you think that it may help you in areas where your knowledge and understanding of relationships is deficient, so that you can pick up some tips and information about how to approach men, how to date them, and above all how to seduce them in a way that makes them think that you know them better than anybody else.

This study demonstrated that the most critical factors in a successful relationship are intimacy, good communication, getting to know somebody gradually.

Capture his heart and make him love you forever

Picture of Claire Casey - author of Capture His HeartWell, when you first hear this you might think that it’s straight out of the title of a cheap romantic novel.

Yet the truth of the matter is, of course, that many of us really do want to meet a soul-mate, whose heart we can capture, and who we can love forever. The reason the romantic novels are so popular is because they mirror human desires and needs and wishes.

In amongst our practical day-to-day life, the desire for a partner who can enter into an intimate relationship with this, love us and support us, making Our lives easier and more enjoyable, is a universal phenomenon.

But unfortunately, so is a lack of confidence around dating, knowledge about how to do it, and even basic information about understanding the behaviour, needs, and wishes of the opposite sex.

So where in all of this confusion, all of this desire, all of this aspiration, can we find a starting point that offers reliable and helpful advice about how to find a partner and establish a relationship?

Well, the internet! What would it be like if you could go to the Internet to find a program which talked about how to find a partner, really, easily and openly?

What will it be like if you could go to the Internet and there find information from an acknowledged expert on dating and relationships that will allow you to establish a new relationship confidently and easily?

picture of mike fioreNow, I’m not promising the world here, and simply promising to introduce you to a way of finding information that can give you the confidence and skills necessary to allow you to enter into a wholly beneficial relationship.

Because after all, let’s face it, very few of us fully understand the behaviour of the opposite sex. And unfortunately we don’t get information about how the opposite sex behaves as we grow up from our parents. The information that we get tends to be second-hand – from brothers, sisters, and friends in the playground — and it has a level of reliability that matches the age and maturity of its sources.

So finding a source of useful information about intimate relationships can be a bit of a revelation, and even somewhat unexpected. And yet there is no shortage of programs that people on the Internet, programs that is to say about relationships, about finding mutual love and respect, building trust, and enjoying better and easier communication.

I’d propose that if you are looking for an intimate relationship you find a way of accessing the information in capture his heart and make him love you forever. You will of course have gathered that this is a program for women who want to get into a relationship with men, and so it transpires: that making a man fall in love with you is a lot easier than you ever imagined that it could be, because when you understand male behaviour — which is all explained in Capture His Heart — and when you know what a man is looking for a woman, you are infinitely more empowered about meeting each other in a good relationship, in a good way, than you would be without this support.

You can find Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever on the Internet in many places, and my own site is no exception. The difference is that I don’t offer you a fake review of the product: I simply tell you what’s in it, so that you can explore the possibility for yourself and decide whether you want to buy it.